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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
Junior Researcher Fellowship

The Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto (CAUP) accepts applications for a 3 month research grant in the field of evolution of massive galaxies, with financial support provided by FCT through the Project PTDC/CTE-AST/66147/2006. The grant will have a maximum duration of three months. The monthly allowance is defined by FCT regulations.

The research will be to support work within the Massive Galaxies project with an emphasis on merging galaxies and to reduce data related to these.
Evaluation will be based primarily on the applicant’s academic qualifications and research experience relevant to this project.

Applicants should send:
  • the curriculum vitae;

and should indicate when they will be able to start the grant. Applications will be accepted from the 8 March to 22 March.

The applications as well as any inquiries on the opportunity, work plan, and details of the grants should be directed to Dr. Jarle Brinchmann.

Selection Committee
Jarle Brinchmann (chair)

Catarina Lobo
Mercedes Filho

Publication date
22th of February, 2010

The period for application submission has ended for this opportunity.