Members of the EXOEarths team

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Vardan Zh. Adibekyan
Works on spectroscopic analysis of solar type stars

Susana C. C. Barros
Interested in the search and characterisation of transiting exoplanets (in particular multi-planetary systems) and in disentanglement of stellar and systematic noise from photometric transit observations of exoplanets.

Tiago J. L. C. E. Campante
Tiago is an expert on analyzing asteroseismic data and over the past few years has developed a considerable interest on using asteroseismology not only to characterize exoplanet systems, but also to elucidate the dynamics and evolution of those systems.

Olivier D. S. Demangeon
Studies of exoplanets' atmosphere to constrain the dominant physical processes affecting their structure and composition. Other research interests: Exoplanets detection and characterisation with radial velocity and transit photometry surveys to constrain the formation and evolution processes.

Elisa Delgado Mena
Specialist in the study of chemical abundances in solar type stars, in particular concerning planet hosts

João P. S. Faria
Interested in exoplanet detection and characterization with radial-velocity data, modelling and correcting for the effects of stellar activity in radial velocities and photometry, properties of exoplanet populations, adaptive scheduling of observations, and probabilistic data analysis in general.

Jorge H. C. Martins
Interested in the detection of reflected light from exoplanets with the intent of exoplanetary atmospheric characterization.

Pedro Figueira
Studies of high-precision Radial Velocities, with emphasis on the near-IR domain

Nuno C. Santos (PI)
Main research interests include extra-solar planet searches (with radial velocities and transit methods), study of stellar limitations to the radial velocity precision, and study of the star-planet connection

Sérgio Sousa
Analysis of high resolution spectra to derive spectroscopic stellar parameters and the chemical composition of stars in planet search samples

Maria Tsantaki
Stellar astrophysics, spectroscopic and observational studies of solar-type stars.

Pedro T. P. Viana
Exoplanet detection and characterization. Bayesian statistical inference.

PhD students

Alexandros Antoniadis Karnavas

Babatunde Akinsanmi

João D. R. Camacho

Andressa C. S. Ferreira

Jason J. Neal

L. Filipe Pereira

Saeed Hojjatpanah

Pedro I. T. K. Sarmento

Luisa M. Serrano

Solène C. Ulmer-Moll

Paulina M. Zaworska

MSc students and fellows

Eduardo Cristo (FCUP, Portugal)

Jorge Gonçalves (FCUP, Portugal)

Ana Rita Silva (IA, Portugal / Univ. Of Herfordshire, UK)

André Silva (FCUP, Portugal)

Tomás Silva (FCUP, Portugal)

Gyanender Singh (FCUP, Portugal)

External Collaborators

Mahmoudreza Oshagh (Univ. Gottingen, Germany)

Alexandre Santerne (LAM, France)

Link to the 2012 team photo