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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto

Applied Bayesian Statistics

Michaël Bazot

In this series of lectures will be focused on Bayesian Statistics and the advantages this approach has when applied to physical science. In the first lecture, we will discuss the foundations of Bayesian Probability Theory, setting the context for the subsequent applications. The following lectures will be about the use of the Bayesian Probability Theory for estimation and model selection problems. A concluding lecture will discuss the numerical methods employed in Bayesian Statistics. These lectures will be supplemented by hand-on sessions on numerical methods. A particular emphasis will be put on case studies, using examples from current astrophysical research topics.

Sessão 1: TBD
29 novembro 2012
Sessão 2: TBD
17 janeiro 2013
Sessão 3: TBD
24 janeiro 2013