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Spectroscopic reduction classes

Pedro Figueira

Data reduction is a complex issue and every observer has a lot to gain by learning how to do it efficiently. Some rely on pre-processed data as delivered by the instrument consortium, forgetting that this only transfers the burden to the pipeline, which are very often not tailor-suited to the data at hands. Quite unsurprisingly, the results have a sub-optimal level with an impact on the Science that can range from the undetectable to the disastrous.
The objective of this course is to discuss data reduction in the context of spectroscopy and, in particular, high resolution spectroscopy. It will take as starting point some principles already discussed in my previous course on high resolution spectroscopy and radial velocities and develop them by addressing:

  • general properties of a high-resolution spectra;
  • detectors (CCDs and CMOS) and their properties;
  • the operations of data reduction, and when to apply them;
  • examples of both fully customizable pipelines and static "pseudo-intelligent" pipelines.

The discussion will always be a hands-on-oriented, and will be supported by a practical part. In this second part of the course we will discuss the application of these principles by applying them to real data using a ESO Gasgano-oriented pipeline.

Level: Master and above.

Sessão 1: Theoretical class I
4 março 2013

Attendance limit: unlimited
Venue: Auditorium

Sessão 2: Theoretical class II
5 março 2013

Attendance limit: unlimited
Venue: Auditorium

Sessão 3: Practical class
6 março 2013

Attendance limit: 10 (for Masters and PhDs only) - Complete.