Porto COSLAB Workshop
COSLAB Workshop
Cosmological Phase Transitions and Topological Defects

22-24 May 2003, Porto - Portugal


This workshop in organized in the framework of the Portuguese participation in the European Science Foundation's COSLAB Network (Cosmology in the Laboratory). Three international lecturers will provide the Portuguese scientific community (researchers and students alike) with an overview of the involved concepts:

Arttu Rajantie (Cambridge University)

Ray Rivers (Imperial College)

Paul Shellard (Cambridge University)

Local contributions will give an overview of COSLAB-related activities in Portugal. It also aims to prepare Portuguese members of COSLAB to forthcoming COSLAB workshops, notably

Defects from Phase Transitions: Bilbao, Spain (10-16 July 2003)

Testing Defect Formation Theories: Vietri, Italy (11-13 Setember 2003)

The meeting is supported by the Centre for Astrophysics and Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Porto, and by the Astroparticle Detectors Group of the Centre for Nuclear Physics of the University of Lisbon.

The workshop hotels are Ipanema Porto (4 star) and Tuela Porto (3 star). They are respectively marked E and J in this map, and are both about 5 min. walking from the university campus. Anyone wanting accommodation to be booked in one of these hotels should contact Carlos Martins. Cheaper accommodation may be found at Residenciais - see some links here. (In this case you must do the booking yourself.) The workshop will be held at the Centre for Astrophysics and the Department of Applied Mathematics, which are marked 1 and 4 in the same map.




Para mais informações contacte-nos, www@astro.up.pt

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