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J. Brinchmann, S. Charlot, G. Kauffmann, T. Heckman, S. D. M. White, C. Tremonti, 2013,
Estimating gas masses and dust-to-gas ratios from optical spectroscopy,
Advances in Space Research, 432, 2112-2140
J. P. Stott, R. C. Hickox, A. C. Edge, C. A. Collins, M. Hilton, C. D. Harrison, A. K. Romer, P. J. Rooney, S. T. Kay, C. J. Miller, M. Sahlén, E. Lloyd-Davies, N. Mehrtens, B. Hoyle, A. Liddle, P. T. P. Viana, I. G. McCarthy, J. Schaye, 2012,
The XMM Cluster Survey: the interplay between the brightest cluster galaxy and the intracluster medium via AGN feedback,
Advances in Space Research, 422, 2213-2229
E. Pointecouteau, A. C. da Silva, A. Catalano, L. Montier, J. Lanoux, M. Roncarelli, M. Giard, 2009,
Simulating the impact of dust cooling on the statistical properties of the intra-cluster medium,
Advances in Space Research, 44, 440-445
E. Pérez-Montero, T. Contini, F. Lamareille, J. Brinchmann, C. J. Walcher, S. Charlot, M. Bolzonella, L. Pozzetti, D. Bottini, B. Garilli, V. Le Brun, O. Le Fèvre, D. Maccagni, R. Scaramella, M. Scodeggio, L. Tresse, G. Vettolani, A. Zanichelli, C. Adami, S. Arnouts, S. Bardelli, A. Cappi, P. Ciliegi, S. Foucaud, P. Franzetti, I. Gavignaud, L. Guzzo, O. Ilbert, A. Iovino, H. J. McCracken, B. Marano, C. Marinoni, A. Mazure, B. Meneux, R. Merighi, S. Paltani, R. Pellò, A. Pollo, M. Radovich, D. Vergani, G. Zamorani, E. Zucca, 2009,
Physical properties of galaxies and their evolution in the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey - II. Extending the mass-metallicity relation to the range z ≈0.89–1.24,
Advances in Space Research, 495, 73-81
R. I. Thompson, J. Bechtold, D. J. Eisenstein, X. Fan, D. Arnett , C. J. A. P. Martins, R. C Kennicutt, J. H. Black, 2008,
A molecular probe of dark energy,
Advances in Space Research, 42, 596-598
J. M. Oliveira, B. H. Foing, 2001,
Preliminary investigation of circumstellar emission and flares in the fast rotating giant FK comae,
Advances in Space Research, 26, 1733-1737
J. M. Oliveira, Y. C. Unruh, B. H. Foing, The MUSICOS Collaboration, 2001,
Preliminary MUSICOS 96 results on Balmer line variability on the T Tauri star SU Aurigae,
Advances in Space Research, 26, 1747-1751
B. H. Foing, C. Catala, J. M. Oliveira, A.-M. Hubert, M. Floquet, J. X. Hao, T. Kennelly, L. Balona, H. F. Henrichs, J. de Jong, The MUSICOS Collaboration, 1999,
Asteroseismology from MUSICOS multi-site campaigns,
Advances in Space Research, 24, 251-257
C. Lobo, A. Biviano, F. Durret, D. Gerbal, O. Le Fèvre, A. Mazure, E. Slezak, 1997,
A photometric catalogue of the Coma cluster core,
Advances in Space Research, 122, 409-414
Number of records: 9
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