Data Analysis Software for the ESPRESSO Science Machine

G. Cupani, V. D'Odorico, S. Cristiani, J. I. González Hernández, C. Lovis, S. G. Sousa, E. Vanzella, P. Di Marcantonio, D. Mégevand

ESPRESSO is an extremely stable high-resolution spectrograph which is currently being developed for the ESO VLT. With its groundbreaking characteristics it is aimed to be a “science machine”, i.e., a fully-integrated instrument to directly extract science information from the observations. In particular, ESPRESSO will be the first ESO instrument to be equipped with a dedicated tool for the analysis of data, the Data Analysis Software (DAS), consisting in a number of recipes to analyze both stellar and quasar spectra. Through the new ESO Reflex GUI, the DAS (which will implement new algorithms to analyze quasar spectra) is aimed to get over the shortcomings of the existing software providing multiple iteration modes and full interactivity with the data.

Astronomical Data Analysis Software an Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV)
(Eds.) A. R. Taylor, E. Rosolowsky

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Page 289

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