The radio properties of the cD galaxy of Abell 2390

P. Augusto, A. C. Edge, C. J. Chandler

We present multifrequency, multi-epoch radio imaging of the complex radio source B2151+174 in the core of the cluster, Abell 2390 (z < 0.23). From new and literature data, we conclude that the Faranoff´┐ŻRiley type II (FRII)-powerful radio source is the combination of a compact, core-dominated ´┐Żmedium-sized symmetric object´┐Ż (MSO) with a more extended, steeper spectrum mini-halo. B2151+174 is unusual in a number of important aspects. (i) It is one of the most compact and flat spectrum sources in a cluster core known; (ii) it shows a complex, compact twin-jet structure in a north´┐Żsouth orientation; (iii) the orientation of the jets is 45◦ misaligned with apparent structure (ionization cones and dust disc) of the host galaxy on larger scales. Since the twin-jet of the MSO has its northern half with an apparent ´┐Żtwist´┐Ż, it might be that precession of the central supermassive black hole explains this misalignment. B2151+174 may be an example of the early stage (103´┐Ż104 yr duration) of a ´┐Żbubble´┐Ż being blown into the intracluster medium where the plasma has yet to expand.

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 367, Page 366
January 2006

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2005.09965.x