The pre-main-sequence spectroscopic binary NTTS 162814-2427: models versus observations.

J. Figueiredo

Models of stars with masses between 0.5 and 1.5Msun evolving in the pre-main-sequence (PMS) have been computed using a multiple shooting point hydrodynamic code. The theoretical results are compared with the most recent observational data available for the double-lined PMS spectroscopic binary NTTS 162814-2427. A comparison with theoretical models computed with different input physics concerning the opacities, the equation of state (EOS) and the convection treatment of superadiabatic regions is also done. Our reference model agrees well with the dynamical mass ratio and the assumption of coeval formation of the binary components. Accordingly, assuming a K4 primary and a K5 secondary we estimate the mass of the primary and secondary to be 1.10 and 1.00Msun, respectively, with an age of 3.7 million years.

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Volume 318, Page 783
February 1997

ADS Bibliographic code: 1997A&A...318..783F