Metallicities for six nearby open clusters from high-resolution spectra of giant stars
[Fe/H] values for a planet search sample

N. C. Santos, C. Lovis, J. Meléndez, M. Montalto, D. Naef, G. Pace

We present a study of the stellar parameters and iron abundances of 18 giant stars in six open clusters. The analysis was based on high-resolution and high-S/N spectra obtained with the UVES spectrograph (VLT-UT2). The results complement our previous study where 13 clusters were already analyzed. The total sample of 18 clusters is part of a program to search for planets around giant stars. The results show that the 18 clusters cover a metallicity range between -0.23 and +0.23 dex. Together with the derivation of the stellar masses, these metallicities will allow the metallicity and mass effects to be disentangled when analyzing the frequency of planets as a function of these stellar parameters.

Palavras chave
planetary systems – stars: abundances – techniques: spectroscopic – open clusters and associations: general – stars: fundamental parameters

Based on observations collected at the La Silla Parana Observatory, ESO (Chile) with the UVES spectrograph at the 8.2-m Kueyen telescope, under program 383.C-0170.

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Volume 538, Página A151_1
fevereiro 2012

DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201118276
Código bibliográfico ADS: 2012A%26A...538A.151S