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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto
Contrato para Investigador Senior

Ref: CAUP2011-07UnI-CAPD

CAUP is the largest Astronomy research institute in Portugal, evaluated as "Excellent" by an international panel under the auspices of FCT. The Strategic Development Plan of CAUP is built around: scientific excellence; public outreach; national networking; internationalization; financial stability. The objective of CAUP is to be an institute with internationally recognized front-line research and actively involved with the leading institutes in Europe and elsewhere on the areas identified as the focus of our research activity.

The ongoing research activities at CAUP are organized along broad lines of research, of strategic value for the long term development of CAUP. The selection of the candidates will be based on the contribution these can give to consolidate the development of the teams in the following fields of research:

The continued development of these fields of research is secured through participation in international groups and projects, namely in those that lead to the use of existing and future facilities of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and of the European Space Agency (ESA). It is considered strategically important for CAUP to be optimally placed to contribute to large projects within ESA (preparation and exploitation of existing and future space missions) and ESO (use of existing and forthcoming facilities and the scientific driving of the development of the next generation of instrumentation) and also to other international initiatives.

1) Description
CAUP offers the possibility of up to one tenure-track position for a senior researcher as "Investigador Auxiliar" or "Investigador Principal" to a candidate with a PhD in Astronomy, having an outstanding research curriculum and who can demonstrate the capacity for leadership and a solid record of successful applications for competitive funding.

The position will be offered under the requirement that the candidate will be involved in coordination activities, advanced training and supervision of students and postdocs and lead applications for funding of projects (national and international). It is expected that the holder of the position offers guarantees of a long term high rate of publications and can contribute for the long term participation of CAUP in major international programs of strategic importance for the development of CAUP and Portuguese Astronomy.

The position will only be offered if an adequate candidate is found and financial viability is secured. Funding for the position will come, in part, from national funds (FCT and U.Porto) and from European funds (EC).

2) Requirements (minimum indicators)

  • 3 years as a researcher at CAUP (a initial temporary contract will be considered if this item is not satisfied)
  • 5 years work experience after the PhD
  • more than 50 papers in ISI with a total of 750 citations
  • experience in the supervision of PhD students and postdocs
  • PI of funded projects, for an accumulated amount above 220 Keuros
A detailed cv must be submitted indicating all relevant informations for measuring the requirements.

3) Work plan (up to 5 pages)

  • present a 10 years plan in CAUP (preferentially a team plan)
  • provide a solid financial viability plan based on real perspectives to cover a minimum of 50% funding of her/his salary (direct and indirect funds)

4) Selection procedure

  • Board of Directors validates the applications (accepts candidates)
  • Advisory Board provides advise on an ordered list of the candidates
  • Advise may also be obtained from other external/international experts in the field of each candidate
  • A final decision, including financial viability for the selected application, is taken by the Board of Directors and the contract is offered to the candidate (and negotiated the precise terms of its implementation)
  • Any conflict of interest will be dealt with in each step of the process

5) Calendar

  • Deadline for applications 24 August 2011 at 17:00 UTC
  • Offer of the position (if a suitable candidate is found) by October 2011

For inquiries and to send the application (a pdf file submitted by email) please contact Mário J. P. F. G. Monteiro.

Selection Committee
Board of Directors

Publication Date
6th of June, 2011

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