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Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto

Dwarf Galaxies

Polychronis Papaderos

This advanced course aims at providing a broad and up-to-date overview of the properties of dwarf galaxies in the local Universe and at intermediate redshift. How dwarf galaxies form and evolve over cosmic time in different environments is one of the most fascinating and fundamental questions in extragalactic astronomy.
While dwarf galaxy research has seen tremendous progress over the past two decades, several key questions remain unresolved, and ever-improving observational data constantly challenge our understanding of dwarf galaxy evolution.

Sessão 1
16 maio 2013

Dwarf galaxy taxonomy;
Dwarf galaxy evolution in the Local Group and in galaxy clusters.

Sessão 2
20 maio 2013

Early-type and late-type dwarf galaxies in the local Universe: structural, chemical and kinematical properties, fundamental relations;
The star formation history of dwarf galaxies, as inferred from color-magnitude diagrams, and evolutionary and population spectral synthesis models.

Sessão 3
6 junho 2013

Starburst activity in dwarf galaxies: origin and implications.

Sessão 4
7 junho 2013

Extremely metal-poor star-forming dwarf galaxies;
Compact low-mass starburst galaxies at intermediate redshift.