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Formação contínuaCV Workshop
5 maio 2009

A workshop on how to write a CV will take place at CAUP. This is aimed at PhD students, but 1styear PDA and MSc students are also welcome.

Students are asked to previously write and submit a long and a short CV and the accompanying cover letter to apply for a post-doc position in Astrophysics (general, you can aim at your own research topic). Tutors will be Margarida Cunha, Carlos Martins, Mário João Monteiro, Nuno Santos and Catarina Lobo.

If you wish to attend please send an email ASAP to, deadline is 28th April. Up to 16 students will be accepted for the workshop. CVs must also be sent to the same email address until this deadline.

Workshop schedule
  • Beginning of Morning: tutors briefly present a power point summarizing the key issues on how to write a good CV and cover letter, and discuss these ideas with the students, namely pointing most frequent errors. Copies of the presentation will provided;
  • Rest of morning: students exchange ideas between them and correct their cover letters and CVs; they resubmit them;
  • Beginning of afternoon (for ~2h): tutors go over the revised applications;
  • Mid afternoon: tutors give feedback to students on the final applications.

For more information please contact Prof. Catarina Lobo.